International RAM® ELITE

Skills Program

Surgical Proctors

Prof. Dr. Med. Farhad Bakhtiary
Dr. Antonios Pitsis, PhD, FETCS, FESC
Dr. Slobodan Mićović, MD, PhD
Dr. Petar Milačić, MD

Program Overview

The LSI SOLUTIONS® International RAM® ELITE Skills Program is an educational experience for
cardiac surgeons who perform minimally invasive aortic and mitral valve replacement
procedures. The latest techniques utilizing enabling technology for minimally invasive valve
procedures will be demonstrated by skilled and trained RAM ® surgeons. The program includes a
combination of training on demonstration models, discussions, and observation in the operating

What To Expect

Advanced technology is fundamental to progressing minimally invasive heart valve replacement procedures.

The use of RAM®, SEW-EASY® and COR-KNOT® devices were developed specifically to help facilitate these approaches.

Effective use of a scope facilitates enhanced visualization while sparing the sternum, ribs and cartilage.

The Totally Endoscopic µicroThoracotomy™ approach, which potentially reduces ICU and hospital stay, blood use and post-op analgesia, and risk of sternal complications, when combined with the proven durability of a surgical valve, results in a winning combination for you and your patients. Avoiding sternotomy also results in less pain, more rapid recovery, and improved cosmesis.

Device Overview 

The RAM® DEVICE is an automated dual curved needle annular suturing device which can place a horizontal mattress stitch in one squeeze.

RAM® 3.5 is available in 3.5mm suture spacing and RAM® 5.0 is available in 5mm suture spacing.

The SEW-EASY® DEVICE is a dual needle device that provides reliable, effective prosthetic suture placement through the sewing cuff with no exposed sharps.

SEW-EASY® 3.5 available in 3.5mm suture spacing and SEW-EASY® 5.0 available in 5mm suture spacing

Our revolutionary COR-KNOT® DEVICE is faster than hand-tying and offers strength, security, and reliability in cardiac valve replacement and repair.

The 4mm shaft of the COR-KNOT MINI® and the 5mm shaft of the COR-KNOT® MIS allow the surgeon to perform MIS and open procedures.

The RAM® RING & RAM® RACK are proprietary suture management systems used in conjunction with the RAM® & SEW-EASY® Devices.

The three-section RAM® RING system comes connected and can be positioned in a horseshoe shaped fashion for easy suture placement.

The RAM® RACKS can be placed independently of each other for surgeon preference for suture management.

Watch Dr. Antonios Pitsis present Totally Endoscopic RAM® μAVR™ via Right Anterior μicroThoracotomy™ during the ISMICS Webinar Series.

Potential Benefits of Totally Endoscopic RAM® μAVR™ via Right Anterior μicroThoracotomy™

  • Reduced trauma and pain
  • Statistically decreased blood loss and transfusion requirements
  • Decreased Wound infection
  • Statistically reduced recovery time and more rapid return to work
  • Wristed instrumentation returns dexterity and control back to surgeon
  • Delivers consistent bite width to ensure true vertical alignment during valve seating
  • Better cosmetic results and improved patient satisfaction
  • No difference in morbidity and mortality
  • Avoids sternal wound complications
  • Enables a true minimally invasive approach via minithoracotomy

RAM® Benefits over TAVR

  • Durable Valve
  • Lower PVL Rate
  • Annular Debridement
  • Surgical Control
  • Cost-Effective, Profitable
  • "WIN-WIN" for Patient & Hospital