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Device Overview 

The RAM® DEVICE is an automated dual curved needle annular suturing device which can place a horizontal mattress stitch in one squeeze.

RAM® 3.5 is available in 3.5mm suture spacing and RAM® 5.0 is available in 5mm suture spacing.

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The SEW-EASY® DEVICE is a dual needle device that provides reliable, effective prosthetic suture placement through the sewing cuff with no exposed sharps.

SEW-EASY® 3.5 available in 3.5mm suture spacing and SEW-EASY® 5.0 available in 5mm suture spacing

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Our revolutionary COR-KNOT® DEVICE is faster than hand-tying and offers strength, security and reliability in cardiac valve replacement and repair.

The 4mm shaft of the COR-KNOT MINI® and the 5mm shaft of the COR-KNOT® MIS allow the surgeon to perform MIS and open procedures.

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Watch Dr. Antonios Pitsis present Totally Endoscopic RAM® μAVR™ via Right Anterior μicroThoracotomy™ during the ISMICS Webinar Series.