Anastomotic Graft Stabilization Device
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The AnastoPodDEVICE provides a stabilized platform to enable suturing under tension without an assistant.

Indications For Use

Outside U.S.

The AnastoPodDEVICE is indicated for use in the temporary retention of targeted tissue during surgery.

The AnastoPodDEVICE is NOT available outside of the U.S. at this time

Features & Benefits

The AnastoPodDEVICE features a tissue pedestal with a soft retainer and a suture anchor that provide gentle tension on the graft vessel while positioning it near the target site.

Tissue Pedestal

a customized platform designed to hold tissue in place while suturing.

Soft Retainer

Gently compresses the tissue down on the pedestal.

Anchor Tab

Used to adjust the suture anchor from its middle, open, and closed positions.

Suture Anchor

Used to gently control tension on the suture during an anastomosis, the suture anchor can be adjusted in an open, middle, and closed position.

Reliable Graft Positioning
Suturing Under Tension
Easy Suture Management
No Assistant Necessary
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Outside U.S.
AnastoPod™ DEVICE
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